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Combined Bingo, Raffle and Tote Double Machine, Club Trio Starter Kit
Combined Bingo, Raffle and Tote Double Machine, Club Trio Starter Kit
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£399.50 (£479.40 inc VAT)
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Code: STK070TO
Pack Quantity: 1
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Product Description

1x Club Trio (Bingo, Raffle & Tote Double)
1x Plunger
750x 6 to View, 10 Game Bingo Booklets
750x 6 to View, 6 Game Bingo Booklets
1200x 6 to View, Single Bingo Tickets (2 colours)
2000x 10 to View, Raffle Pads
2000x 5 to View, Raffle Pads
50x Felt Pens Red
5x 1 to 1000 Cloakroom Ticket Books

Club Trio

3 different games can be played on 1 machine.
Bingo – acts like a bingo machine, all lengths of games, snowball
Raffle – acts like a raffle machine, Start & Finish numbers, non-repeat on 100 numbers or repeat, ticket rollover
Tote - acts like a tote machine, Numbers from 0 – 99, choice of double numbers included or excluded


5 digit machine generating random numbers from 1– 99999
Full Bingo check board & game indicators with 5mm red LEDs
Dust & moisture proof, long life keyboard with clearly marked instructive keys Numerical pad 0-9 with “error clear”, “total game recall”, setting and verification of “start” and “finish” numbers
Game check facilities: number of calls/draw made, number of tickets sold, snowball audio & led indicators, raffle tickets roll-over, ready, check-back, raffle numbers repeat and tote double numbers included led indicators
Setting of “delay/lag” audience display response
Optional plug-in remote “spin/draw” plunger
230V/50Hz mains supply, mains switch
UK made
12 months manufacturers warranty
Product Specifications
Combined Trio specification:
Height = 155mm (6”)
Width = 370mm (14½”)
Depth = 240mm (9½”)
Weight = 3Kg
Audience display five 57mm (2 1/4”) high, bright solid segment red LED digits
Caller's display five 20mm (0.8”) high, bright solid segment red LED digits
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